Monday, July 21, 2014

Tribes Information

Tribes has almost come to an end. I am pleased that many of you were able to participate this summer. Please note that as of today, July 21st, the point totals are as follows.

  1. Adam's Angels--------------------- 751
  2. Mamasois---------------------------723
  3. Obadiah's Oompa Loompas -----670
  4. Alpha Dog's--------------------------641
  5. 10 Kings------------------------------623
  6. Naked Mole Rats------------------464

Remember that you need to turn in your Tribal Guidebook on Wednesday, July 23rd. Be sure to fill out your devotionals so I can score them appropriately.

I will accept Scavenger Hunt Items until Sunday, July 27th.

In terms of collecting Items, Each Item is worth 5 points. You have until July 27th to turn in your gathered supplies. We are expanding our items list to school supplies to assist the CCC school supply giveaway that will take place Sunday, August 3rd from 5:30-6:30 pm.

Here are the items you may bring:

·      notebooks-single subject and 3 subject
·      loose-leaf paper        
·      pencils                      
·      crayons
·      glue sticks
·      scissors
·      pocket folders

·      washable markers/colored pencils

See you Wednesday, July 23rd. We are meeting in the back parking lot of Woodlawn Christian Church. 

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