Friday, June 29, 2012

4 Things to Remember This Sunday July 1

Sometime today or tomorrow, make a visit to the grocery store and pick up the food items that your class is supposed to bring and pack them in the car so you won't forget!

Saturday night, lay out your children's KidServe t-shirt. They're going to need it when they sing during second service Sunday!

Sunday morning, before the kids get up, write out your tithe check, and stick it in your bible or your pocket. This is just as important as the song you will sing or the prayer you will pray. God even asks us to test him in this(see Malachi)!

Finally, once you get to church, remember to grab and fill out the tear off communication card on your bulletin. Use these to communicate with church staff; trust me, they are a huge help!

Taking root,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ways to Pray Today

It was really a God thing to see how some of the prayers were answered from last week's 3 Ways to Pray post, so I thought I'd go for round 2!  Pray for 1, 2 or all of these today!

  • Pray that KidServe would run smoothly tonight and that kids would have their hearts challenged to serve God out of their love for him!

  • Pray for the student ministry's trip to King's Island.  Pray for safety.  Pray for transportation.  Pray that relationships are developed that allow for deeper discipleship to occur.

  • Pray for the 4th of July and the many activities we have going that plan to leave a footprint on our community.  Pray that each person at CCC would feel a responsibility to see their purpose and the hearts of others through his eyes.

  • Pray that you would dream the dreams that God has for you and that he would have his way with your life.
Taking Root,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Expedition Top 10

  1. Stone Williams, Justin Burton          336
  2. Brooke Kearney, Rylee Beard          333
  3. Brittany Speer, Kassie Miller            332
  4. Jack Miller, Justice Gregory              327
  5. Tatem Wiseman, Cailee Higdon       321
  6. Abbi Phillips, Katie Mardis               319
  7. Matt Hale, Luke Perkins                   318
  8. Hunter Jessie, Marcus Moore           306
  9. Collin Watson, Jordan Cowherd      305
  10. Kaylee Burton, Denae Brockman    304

Monday, June 25, 2012

This Week's Wins!

The summer rolls on and we've got all kinds of God stuff going on here at CCC!

  • Pretty cool to see Taylor Cox living out his faith and heading to South America!  Be praying for him and also be praying about how God is asking YOU to make your faith active...
  • I was dependent upon several people this week as I was gone to a week of MOVE in Knoxville, TN.  SO many people get a huge THANKS and a JOB WELL DONE!
  • Saw some AWESOME video from KidServe this past week!  They did a great job of selling lemonade to raise money for Blood Water Mission!
  • As for the rest, we'll let the pictures do the talking :)
God Answers Prayer!

We ate lunch like this so we could understand that our sin affects our community.

That's our worship leader.  In a hamster ball.  Crowd surfing.
Yup, pretty great night!

Alka selter + water guns + motivated teens = way too much fun!

Impressed?  What if I told you they made this out of 10 band-aids?
Ridiculous.  And totally earning 15 bonus points!

Neon Yellow Team

Gold Team

Brown Team

Neon Green Team

Red Team

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 Ways to Pray Today

1 - Pray for the Lemon-Aid stands at KidServe tonight! Pray that serving makes an impact on our young people, that their service makes an impact on those they contact, and that the money raised would be positive for Blood Water Mission!

2 - Pray for the students at MOVE today! Students are really being challenged to be the point where heaven and earth collide through the sermon on the mount. Things get crazy when you start studying a sermon straight from Jesus! Pray that they would be open to what God has for their hearts today.

3 - Pray that Satan would be kept from doing his work in and around the lives of the students and families of Campbellsville today! Pull out the big guns and fight back against the devil and his temptations with prayer!

Taking Root,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Expedition Top 10

It's SUPER early, but as we gear up for week 3 of Expedition, hears a peek at the top 10 teams.

Stone WilliamsJustin Burton223
Brittany SpeerKassie Miller222
Jack MillerJustice Gregory220
Dominique AllenDalton Hughes217
Brooke KearneyRylee Beard217
Collin WatsonJordan Cowherd216
Hunter JessieMarcus Moore214
Justin WiseDylan Ford211
Matt HaleLuke Perkins208
Tatem WisemanCailee Higdon208

Keep studying those verses and grab some bonus points at a Black Site!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday's Wins

  • I saw some social media that indicated some of our families took advantage of time yesterday to invest in their children's spiritual lives!  That is GREAT stuff!

  • Several more collections for our benevolent boxes!  These boxes are HUGE for our community, so be praying for the people they impact.  Also, if you're interested in helping to organize them, that happens this Wednesday at 5 pm.

  • On a personal level, pretty cool to get my first Father's Day under my belt!  Definitely a win in my book.

  • Really great to end with the song "The Great I Am" yesterday!  It was such a powerful statement of who our God is and the love we have for him!  It's not our praise team, but enjoy the version below to encourage you on Monday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

KidServe Prepares to Make a Global Impact

This summer KidServe will be raising money to support Blood Water Mission. 320 million people in Africa are without access to clean water. Unclean water is responsible for 80 percent of diseases in developing countries. Blood Water Mission transforms communities in Africa by providing sustainable access to clean water. Only $1 provides clean water for an African for an entire year. You can learn more about Blood: Water Mission by going to their website at

Next Wednesday at KidServe, we will be going out into our community setting up a portable lemonade stand. Our goal is to raise awareness and money for the clean water crisis in Africa.
  • The preschool group (age 3-K) will be set up their stand at the church and visit our adult classes.
  • The 1st-3rd grade will travel to Miller Park and surrounding neighborhood to set up their stand. 
  • The 4th-5th grade will set up in the Lone Valley campgrounds at Green River Lake. 
We are in need of wagons (little red wagons) to use for our portable lemonade stand. If you have a little red wagon we can borrow, please bring it by the church before next Wednesday. We need at least 6 wagons, but more would be great!

Check out this video on Lemon-Aid stands:

Kari Jo

Friday, June 15, 2012

Coming Up this Weekend at CCC

  • It's Father's Day!  No children's church, pile on dad's lap instead!

  • If you're signed up to go to King's Island, your $100 is due Sunday!  I have a waiting list, so I need to hear from you Sunday or your spot may be in jeopardy.

  • I've had a spot become available for MOVE.  If you or a highschooler you know is interested in going to this incredible week, contact me ASAP!  The trip leaves Monday June 18 and returns late Friday, June 22.

  • Don't forget your food for our Benevolence Boxes this coming Sunday!  Not sure what your class is supposed to bring?  Check it out here.
See you Sunday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

KidServe T-Shirts

KidServe got off to a GREAT start last night!  

In fact, it went so well we didn't have near enough T-shirts!  What a great problem to have!

If your child did not get a t-shirt last night 


if you or someone you know is planning on registering someone new


you are a leader that did not get a shirt

please be sure to send Blake or Kari Jo your size so that we can make arrangements to get those in!

The number 1 question I got last night was, "Can the kids still bring friends to this?"  Absolutely!  We want to do everything we can to get everyone on board and part of the KidServe team.  Part of that is hooking everyone up with a shirt.  

Taking Root,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CCC Reminders

Elephants never forget, but people do!  Here's some things that should be on your radar...

  • KidServe Starts Tonight!  Starts at 6 pm!  Registration continues throughout the program, so even if you haven't registered, get here!

  • $100 for King's Island is due THIS Sunday!  I have a waiting list for this trip, so if you don't get it in, your spot may go away.

  • Father's Day is Sunday! Don't forget to do something nice for him.

  • Since it's Father's Day, there's no evening programs here at church, including Expedition.

  • We go to MOVE next week!  Start thinking about packing...
Busy summers can be FUN!!

Taking Root,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your Dream > My Dream

I like dreams. 

Funny thing is, I haven't remembered a dream that I've had in the middle of the night for probably the last 5 years. I'm talking about the other kind of dreams: dreams that start with being a fireman, being a princess, and evolve into careers and lives.

Here in America we have been given permission to dream like no other people in the history of the world. We empower people with dreaming so much that there soon became certain expectations of what your dreams should look like and we innocently called it the American dream. Everyone was to work hard in order to own a house, provide cars for all members of the family, and of course maintain a well balanced life including work, family, and church.

Like I said, I like dreams; but not at the expense of discovering what God has dreamed up. 

In children's church this past Sunday, we discovered God's plan for Rebekah to come and marry Isaac sight unseen. (Check it out in Genesis 24) We talked about how just like God had a plan for Rebekah he had a plan for each of us. As you nod your head in agreement of the church helping your child dream about who God wants them to be, stop and think for a moment.

Am I pursuing the dream God has for me? 

Does God want more from me than to be a successful business person, a homeowner, and being a well-rounded individual? 

Is God's dream greater than my dream? 

That last one hits me hard.

We all have a responsibility as children of God to pursue the dreams and plans he has for us to grow in our love for Him and our love for others.

What can you do today to seek God's dream for you? 

Will you tell God that his dream is greater than yours? 

Taking root, 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday's Wins

Bubblegum Sculptures!
Attack of the Fish!

CCC reminded me again yesterday that I love my church!!

  • I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but it is really stinking cool to watch the team of adults pull together and make Expedition work!  You all amaze me each week!

  • LOTS of KidServe Registrations!  So excited for this program to kick off this weekend!  Kari Jo has been doing a GREAT job!

  • More than 1 volunteer Sunday morning stepped into roles they weren't planning on having.  If you were 1 of those, know that you inspire me and I appreciate your heart for Jesus' church.

  • As if we haven't learned that this guy is talented, Seth Johnson also did an Expedition recap video of week 1!  Check it out!

Friday, June 8, 2012

We Need Your Empty Pringles Cans!

KidServe is in need of Pringles cans!  

That means you have 3 options...

  1. Tell your spouse you've secretly been buying the expensive chips and reveal your stash for the sake of KidServe.
  2. Splurge and go buy a can or 2.  Eat them and bring us the cans.
  3. Not be cool.  Just kidding.  Sort of.
It's your choice!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Linked Up!

3 Quick Links this Thursday....

  1. This isn't an article, but an entire site full of great resources!  Email updates on culture, trends, and other parenting tips, devotionals, and so much more!  Check it out!

  2. Trying to figure out where I would like to try and use this first... Use Tennis Balls to Hold Just About Any Small Item Around the House (and Be Extremely Cute)

  3. These are the Basics of being a Church that reaches out to and affects a community.  Do we do these? The Two Things You HAVE to Do to Reach People

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Serving in the Shadows: 5 Ways to Do that at CCC this Week

Joe preached a great sermon on serving from the shadows this past Sunday, and I wanted to give you specifics on 5 ways you could serve in the shadows of our youth and children's ministry.  No strings attached to any of these!

  1. Reorganize coins and passports for Expedition.  Approximate time: 30 min

  2. Count and record tickets for KidServe. Approximate time: 30 min

  3. Help with Set-up for KidServe. Approximate time: 1 hour on Wednesdays.

  4. Sort Wristbands for Expedition.  Approximate time: 10 min

  5. Ask a teen or child if there is 1 thing you could pray about with them.  Approximate time: 5 min

Ironically, The SMALLEST things can make the BIGGEST impacts!

Which one(s) can you jump in on this week?  
How will you serve in the shadows?  
Know of other "shadow" jobs that I can share?

Taking Root,

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday's Wins

Summer REALLY got kicked off this weekend!  I was reminded yet again of a few reasons I LOVE MY CHURCH!

  • SO Many things went smoothly yesterday!  Sunday school promotion went off well, Expedition flowed like I had once dreamed it would, and so much more!  When things like this happen, it is ALWAYS a credit to the leaders and volunteers stepping up and owning their roles. What a blessing to be a part of a church with such a great team of people working together!

  • CELLO?!?!?!? Yeah, pretty incredible addition to the praise team!  Say hi to Seth this week and let him know you appreciate him using his talents to serve the Maker!

  • We sent a great group of girls to White Mills Christian Camp!  Be praying for them this week as they grow spiritually and have a TON of fun!

  • We had some creative teams, but the neon yellow team pulled through as the most creative with this team shot that earns them 5 bonus points!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Coming Up This Weekend at CCC

We're gearing up for a BIG weekend here at CCC!  Here's a few of the highlights..
  • Sunday School Promotion
    Move on in to the classrooms for the grade you will be entering in the fall!  We'll have signs up to make sure you know where you're headed.

  • KidServe Registration
    We're having good numbers for our KidServe Registration!  Pick up a registration card on the 2nd floor and drop it in a rubbermaid container for any child that will be here, birth-5th grade.  Also, take a few cards to your friends!

  • Elementary Week at White Mills
    Always excited for camp season to begin!  We've got a strong group headed to camp this week, and I'm excited that Megan Hall is heading to camp with them!  Also, here's instructions on how to send mail to campers and other questions you might have.

  • Expedition Begins
    The team is trained and ready, students have been prepping memory verses (UH... HINT), and we're not far from the kickoff of Expedition!  I'm excited to kick off this new program for our middle and high school students.
Will you be here with us?